What makes a medicine, medicine?

Svenska Verde brings together some of Europes finest,

most experienced pharmaceutical industry companies.

Our goal is to develop and produce generics and safe convenient medtech applications for drug administration of cannabinoid APIs.

Our focus is human.

Because a medicine is far more than an API.

Who, what, how, why?

Who are the patients?

What do they need?
What do they want?
What does the prescribing physican need?
What is important for the pharmacist?

What are the legal realities?
What are social perceptions?
How aware of the facts are the general public?

We identified how a significant consumer segment were reporting issues with high sensitivity to ingredients in existing products on the market.

Preventing them from much needed symptom relief. 

We identified an alarming lack of safe certified tested formats of cannabinoid API available to EU pharmacies.

We identified an extreme price situation. Undermining patient access.

After analyzing hundreds of interviews with patients in the EU we could identify an unwillingness among doctors to update themselves on the endocannabinoid system.

When asked, this is explained by doctors as a result of lacking data, and unclear legal policies. 

40 years of moral and politicized narrative has discredited the product.

Leaving the patients exposed.

We decided there was something we could do about it.

Then we went to work.

Today Svenska Verde AB connects exceptional life science competence across 4 continents.

We focus this powerpack 100% on bringing affordable top-quality, safe, tested and certified administration formats of cannabinoid API for medical uses.

Medical device, and generica for European pharmacies and healthcare.

Svenska Verde AB springs from a profound understanding of the conditions and realities of the end-customer.

We have made the journey, and taken the time to get to know the people that ultimately need cannabinoid API for dignity and QoL.

There is no virtue in pain and horror.

Communicating closely with our partners in effective project teams we carefully usher projects from idea to finished product and customer relation.

Instead of traditional marketing, Svenska Verde AB takes an educational, transparent and sustainable stance.

We made our budgets. We compared the data. We found that profit margins

look better over a 10-year perspective if we stick with a sustainable strategy.

Life is nice that way. 

Providing functional therapeutic manuals 

for healthcare professional is a priority

to Svenska Verde AB and we are currently

preparing educational platforms to make the matter more accessible for all healthcare professionals.

We fully understand the challenges involved in the already time-scarce healthcare environment.


A main concern with any controlled substance, is

the risk that a drug product or device could fall into the hands of children.

This is one problem we solve with our line of electronic inhalator products.


Another concern is consistency.

Thanks to highly specialized and well established partners we can guarantee the highest industry standards in the EU from cultivation of biomass, to extraction and beyond.

Svenska Verde AB is built for scale and reach.

Our foundation is quality.

It is our greater ambiton to provide every pharmacy and larger hospital in the EU access to safe, certified, convenient and affordable cannabisbased medicine.

"To alleviate suffering and elevate science."


"Ask and you shall recieve."

We've invested several years to interviewing and following patients who gain therapeutic relief from

cannabinoid API on a daily basis.

By addressing the symptom, and lifes realities, we have gained a greater understanding of the practical uses, as well as the psychological comfort provided in convenient medical devices. 

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Svenska Verde AB?