It was sometime in 2009 Peter Dolving read an article about CBD.

A relatively basal molecular compound that could be extracted from cannabis sativa sativa (L.). 

Since this is a Swedish story there wasn't much drama.

What followed has been 7+ years driven by curiosity, slow steady study, hundreds of interviews, and several thousand hours of travel, waiting, 
searching, meetings, lectures and ridiculous amounts of reading.

2021 we carefully start taking our first necessary regulatory steps and begin developing batches.

With supply chain now in place - we have started the process for GAP-analysis for the VERDUO, under the guidance and safe hands of SDS Life Science, Danderyd.

Svenska verde AB are also looking for distribution partners in the EU pharmaceutical industry - to help us bring VERDUO to market.

Peter Dolving




Peter has 30 years global professional experience in large scale project development, marketing, PR, management and business execution.

Peter has also done extensive pro-bono work to raise public knowledge about PTSD, and Neuropsychiatric variations. Multiple award-winner. Swedish Export prize SKAP 2011.

2013 a spinal injury and hip surgery forced him to retire from his previous work.

"Back then, I had just found out about the potential of CBD. 

So, while I was still in physical rehabilitation - Louise and I went to Oregon, US.

We wanted to talk to patients, doctors, producers and authorities. Basically to see if there was any validity to what was said about cannabinoids.

Turns out - there is." 

Gry Gater



Gry Gater is a proud bureaucrat. 

13 years leading academic  internationalization projects and nearly

20 years experience of executive leadership in large and medium scale event, and tour management. 

Gry has lived and worked in Sweden, Germany, UK, Norway, Iceland, Dubai and Brasil. 

”We must never let fear and ignorance get in the way of science and good sense or keep us from helping those who suffer.

The data is solid.”

Louise Andreasson




Louise has taught Hatha & Kundalini yoga for 30 years - in parallel with physical and psychological trauma-rehabilitation.

She is also an award-winning certified gourmet chef, and project leader. 

Around 2013 Louise realized the therapeutic potential of cannabinoid API’s for symptom-relief for chronic conditions and difficult-to-treat diagnoses.

Together with Peter Dolving she has built the foundation to what has now become Svenska verde AB. 

Louise has lived and worked in Sweden, UK Greece, Spain, Brazil and the USA.

Tobias Hankers




30 years experience import/export, sales, distribution, developing and designing in-house brands, sourcing etc. Buyer, administrator, key account manager, country manager etc.

10 years extensive work-related travel in the Far East - visiting factories and negotiating deals.

Mainly worked in sporting goods companies and owned and developed several companies.

Have a wide range of knowledge and experience on how to run a start-up company.

"My interest in cannabinoids started when my youngest son was diagnosed with ADHD and hyperactivity. 

With Svenska verde AB, we now have a platform and base from which we can dig deeper and actively adress the challenges and complexities of cannabinoid API - with the ambition of  developing convenient safe products to alleviate symtoms and offer people quality of life."

Dr. Carolina Nocetti

Medical Advisor

Carolina Nocetti has worked with complex diagnoses and medical cannabis formats almost 10 years.

Carolina resides in Sao Paolo Brazil. She studied in the United states and found an interest in cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system.

Dr. Nocetti is also the founder of InterCan a Brazilian international educational initiative for healthcare and authorities.