At our office at Sahlgrenska Science Park, Medicinaregatan in Gothenburg, Sweden - we have convenient access to experienced business staff and developers, advisors, and troubleshooting. As well as labs and technical and scientific staff.

Competence, care and commitment.

Svenska verde AB are proud and grateful to be able to turn to, and bring together some of EU's finest certified life science companies, in an effort to solve a number of challenges, and bringing the European market safe, convenient medical formats for complex diagnoses.

SDS Life Sciences

Since its founding in 2012, Scandinavian Development Services has grown into a multi-disciplinary team of handpicked specialists with regulatory and scientific knowledge in medicinal product development and statistics. Our ambition is to guide our clients in transforming their research hypotheses into full clinical studies. We adopt a holistic approach in collaboration with our clients to provide the best solutions for each unique project. Our passion is to solve those tricky questions which have no obvious answers.


Bedrocan is the worlds most experienced producer of legal medicinal cannabis. We are currently the only company in the world producing standardized medicinal cannabis flos (the whole, dried flower) with a constant composition of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Because of its pharmaceutical quality, the variety of products we offer, and the possibility to export these products, many governments, scientists and pharmaceutical companies have chosen to work with Bedrocan.


For over 40 years Ofichem have been developing, manufacturing, analyzing and distributing active pharmaceutical ingredients to the pharmaceutical market.

With the technology of Ofinext, Lab Ofichem provides the pharmaceutical industry with full spectrum cannabis extracts.

The extract is isolated using a unique extraction technology under GMP guidelines. The technique allows valuable ingredients of the plant to be retained in the extract after the process. This is in contrast to other common extraction techniques.

SHIFT design

Gothenburg's multiple Red Dot award-winning Shift design & Strategy are one of Scandinavias finest industrial- and medical device design firms. Smart solutions, strategy and innovative engineering. Every day SHIFT's portfolio of brilliant product designs and think saves lives - bringing the world both convenience and safety.

Aurena laboratories

Aurena laboratories in Karlstad is Svenska Verde AB's Contract Manufacturing Organization, and End Product Manufacturer.

Since the start in 2000, the brothers Lars and Magnus Hedman have built the company Aurena, into an internationally successful packaging industry. The company specializes in specialized spray solutions and smart packaging systems for liquid-based products.


RISE’s mission is to work for sustainable growth in Sweden by strengthening the competitiveness and capacity for renewal of Swedish industry, as well as promoting the innovative development of society as a whole.

RISE’s mission is formulated in Swedish Government research and innovation bills as well as any owner instructions issued by the Government.

The Government’s research and innovation bill states that the overarching goal for the research institutes gathered under the RISE AB umbrella is to be internationally competitive and facilitate sustainable growth in Sweden by strengthening competitiveness and innovation in the business Community.

Sahlgrenska Science Park is working to strengthen the life science industry with a focus on western Sweden. We offer expertise and experience on a commercial basis, together with a large network in the business community and other life science stake holders. With sustainable health and with the human being in focus, we increase the prospects for business, academia and healthcare to cooperate.

Our mission in western Sweden is to actively contribute to:

  1. strengthening the competitiveness of the life science industry
  2. collaboration between business, healthcare and academia
  3. establishment of new and development of existing businesses

Sahlgrenska Science Park is jointly owned by the Region Västra Götaland (VGR), Business Region Göteborg, the University of Gothenburg (through GU Ventures), Chalmers University of Technology and the City of Mölndal.